I gave my student’s the assignment of reading and modeling a poem on Wanda Coleman’s “Wanda, Why Aren’t you Dead?” This is a good example of talented students at Binghamton.

Bridget, sometimes you mouth words to yourself a second time, directly after you’ve spoken it the first time.

Bridget, you need to stop texting me. Why are you texting me?

Bridget, there are a lot of natural remedies to anxiety.
It’s not fair.
Bridget, why not try this lavender?
It’s not fair.
Bridget, I know it’s not fair.

Bridget, you are going to work yourself to death, why are you hardwired for chaos?

Bridget, count.
1 2 3 4 5
Bridget, count.
6 7 8 9

Bridget, they don’t remember it.
Bridget, “I’m sorry” doesn’t have to be the first words out of your mouth every time you see them.
They don’t remember it.

Bridget, you’re spiraling.
Bridget, you’re spiraling.
No. No. No. No. No. No.
If you say no fast enough, it doesn’t sound like a word.
Bridget. Bridget. Bridget.

Bridget, there’s going to be this one day where a gorgeous boy is going to sweep you off your feet.
He’s going to make you feel safe.
He’s going to love you.
He is going to remind you of the sun.
To quote Cristina Yang, he is not the sun.
You are.
He cannot replace the love you can give to yourself.
You are building and building yourself up, not for him. For you.
He is not the answer.
You are.
Please remember that. Please be the sun.

Bridget, when are you going to get your tattoo?
Why are you so scared of permanence?

Bridget, you’re staring off into the distance again.

Bridget, you can’t drink coffee.
Bridget, you can’t drink tea.
Bridget, what can you drink?
Caffeine makes you anxious?
Bridget, calm down.
I smoke cigarettes to calm down.
I know you hate those.
Maybe try smoking some pot.

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